quarta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2008


The Facilitation Group in Belem is taking a series of initiatives to attend the several requests that are already concerning participants accommodation during the World Social Forum 2009, that includes a survey of how many beds are available in the standard accommodation, with the support of the Youth Intercontinental Camp and the solidarity accommodation that might be alternative or familiar.

Solidarity Accommodation
The alternative accommodation consists on schools, gymnasiums, religious and other organizations that will offer their spaces to WSF participants. The other modality of solidarity accommodation consists in local family's houses.The solidarity accommodation costs can vary from zero to R$25,00 a day (about 15 US dollars).
More details about registration to apply to offer accommodation or to request solidarity accommodation can be done directly at the e-mail: acomodacao@fsm2009amazonia.org.br, with copy to fsm2009hc@gmail.com or at the phones: – 55 – 91 3241-1773 (Support Committee of the WSF) or 55 – 91 – 3222-8530 (Office of WSF 2009).
Soon, more information at web site of the event.

Standard Accommodation
Concerning the standard accommodation, the Facilitation Group would like to inform that due to the reduced number of beds, Belém hotels are charging abusive prices - around 4 or 5 times more than the usual.The Facilitation Group also would like to inform that there's no official travel agency for the WSF. Standard accommodation should be discussed directly by the participants organizations and the hotels in Belém, or using the travel agencies that the organizations are used to work with.
Soon, will be available at the web site a contact list, of the standard accommodation.

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